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Award Winning Artists And Famous Paintings

Wildlife and fantasy art is a unique and contemporary style which has largely been embraced all over the world. The combination of wilderness and the surrealism of man’s creative mind have brought forth a good number of artistic masterpieces that display the mythical side of nature. It may involve existing fantasy creatures like dragons, unicorns and other mystical leviathans and real-life creatures like wolves and octopus, as well as a completely new avatar born out of the confluence of reality and imagination.

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Here are some of the award-winning artists and their exquisite creations of art.

1. Robert Cook – Optimism

He is a lover of the wild and any form of art that embraces the wild. Born and brought up in England, his passion for the natural flora and fauna has driven him to create fantastic pieces of art, which went on to win accolades and awards in the international arena.

‘Optimism’ is one of his famous paintings, which has a Sumatran tiger cub peeking out into the light from inside a dark cave. The picture portrays vulnerability and the step towards the outer world – something which is basic about the animal kingdom.

Robert Cook : Optimism

2. Julie Bell – Order Of Wolves

Born in Texas, Julie Bell is a former bodybuilder who turned her attention towards wildlife painting after being captivated by a pack of wolves at Lakota Wolf Preserve way back in 2001. Applying the same dedication and hard work as she put in her sports, she has managed to become one of the prominent names in the world forum of wildlife art and also to bag a number of awards across the US and Europe.

The painting ‘Order of Wolves’ brought her the first prize in the animal category in the Art Renewal Centre’s 2011-2012 International Salon.

Julie Bell : Order Of Wolves

3. Terry Doughty – Rumble

Terry is an internationally acclaimed wildlife artist, winning over thirty awards in the specific art form since 1988. His most recent awards include the 2016 Wisconsin Waterfowl and Pheasant Stamps and the 2016 Channel 10 Artist.

‘Rumble’ is a painting of two reindeer like creatures about to lock horns and it is one of his more famous ones till date.

Terry Doughty : Rumble

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