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Why My Ring Is No Longer Needed In The Social Media Era

My Ring is a website portal run by Rebecca Kemp which is more or less like a fraternity of people interested in wildlife fantasy artwork. The people who can join the ring must be ardent lovers and followers of art that brings together the animal kingdom and the intrinsic fantasy. It can be mythological, surreal, philosophical or even based on the folklore and legends of local places – like the Loch Ness monster.

My Ring is a website portal run by Rebecca Kemp
My Ring is a website portal run by Rebecca Kemp

But she has laid down strict rules and regulations as to who can be a member of the ring and who cannot. The member websites need to have a very specific balance between natural wildlife and fantasy – and thus a page only about one’s pet or very common fantasy creatures like unicorn or dragons are not allowed to get a ring code. A ring code is more like a membership number to put up on your website, showing your allegiance to the popular Group. Cruelty or hatred-based emotions in the art was also not allowed.

Social Media Platforms showcases many wildlife fantasy creations

But come the digital era, one needs not to be part of a brotherhood of sorts to gain popularity or name or even to gather an audience. Social media does not discriminate and is happy to lay down far less rigid rules for anyone who wants to pursue any interest at all. So anyone who wants to display and market their own wildlife fantasy creations to the world can do so via the many popular social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. With the right PR skills and some well-timed effort, one can easily get the attention of the target audience and also keep a tab of Award Winning Artists and Famous Paintings

Maintaining relationships with other such organizations is also a much simpler process. It involves one tap to accept and another tap to follow back and a third tap to send in a DM to keep the communications flowing.